Monday, July 27, 2009

Hijacked SEX-Infospace

This morning I found that content for my website SEX-INFOSPACE.COM has been replaced with the strange picture:
I simply must react to it somehow! As you can see, somebody's added to the above picture a text with absolutely FALSE meaning. In particular, "This is a 100% sex site".
No, this is NOT! And NEVER was!!!

"You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to enter this site."
No, you must NOT! And it's not about sex at all:

I'd created the SEX-INFOSPACE.COM for searching common features for the two real life stories:
(1) The famous hijack of the domain name - probably the biggest domain theft in the history of Internet! - and
(2) Attempts of the Infospace, Inc. to STEAL my 2D-InfoSpace domains!
It may sound weird, but finally, current screenshots of the sites SEX.COM and SEX-INFOPSACE.COM look very similar indeed :-)

OK, the recent story with hijacking of is not very mysterious:
My domain name SEX-INFOSPACE.COM had expired on 12-Jul-2009, and since then its status is ON HOLD (check any WhoIs service for details).

This means that I'm currently not in a full control over the website. And because of that, the hosting company has placed there a sexually explicit content. Obviously, - WITHOUT asking my permission! (Please accept my apologies for the current view of the I'm really sorry about that).

This also means my right for the SEX-INFOSPACE.COM is still RESERVED:

1. Under the law, I can return ownership for the domain during next several weeks, if required!!!

Will I renew the domain? It depends ...
I'm still not sure whether to continue my SEX-INFOSPACE.COM project or not.

At some point, I even was going to make a small gift for InfoSpace, Inc. and refuse from my SEX-INFOSPACE.COM ownership. I know, I know, - it might look very stupid:
Since the moment my officially expired, the InfoSpace didn't make any move even for a simple "Thank you, Sergey".

Is Infospace able to appreciate any gift(s)? I have no idea.
Obviously, now the SEX-INFOSPACE.COM is moving towards becoming a popular business in the sex industry. But should I care?


2. I've just placed an exact copy of the genuine SEX-INFOSPACE.COM (as it had been available on the Internet during last two years!) on another my website -

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