Wednesday, January 10, 2007

auction promo

Found excellent site for promotion personal websites, - It may be you know it very well, - this online community seems is extremely popular among bloggers and webmasters. But I was really charmed with the way they show visitors of my websites! The feeling of almost real time communication is exciting!
By the way, the Yahoo! has bought the website services recently, - for the sum they prefer not to disclose!

Another excellent site I found is I've seen many good sites during last months, but this one is a really nice! Made in a democratic Digg style, it allows interactive rating the sites you know.
My advice is to visit the and post YOUR website, if it's not already there!
* * *
Promotion campaign for my my eBay auction moves frustratingly slow. On the other hand, how it could be faster if most of my time I need to spent on things like this:

Last night I was planning to devote for sending messages about auction to as many people and sites as possible. I came to Internet cafe (i'm not telling you the name of the company as up to the last night it was my favorite one), paid for 9 hours of working in Internet, but shortly after starting the Internet completely disappeared!
The personal could not guarantee it would be restored in the nearest time, if ever. All that they suggested was just to wait. I was waiting: 10 minutes ... half an hour .. 1 hour. After almost two hours without Internet I decided to go somewhere else and asked my money back.
However, having paid for Internet and having no Internet appeared not enough for the refund. They had internal rules not to return money no matter what. My arguments "I gave you money for your service, but if there is no service I want my money back immediately" did not work. I was advised to contact their(!) internet provider, come next day to find their chief manager, owner, etc.
The situation complicated by the fact that at the moment I had no money with me to pay the same price in another internet cafe, or even return to my home, - public transport (excepting expensive taxis) starts work hours later. I appeared locked in the useless place forced to do nothing .
Only after long and very embarrassing dispute, their manager in charge (he refused to identify himself with his last name) agreed to refund. A kind of, he makes me a favour and pays from his own pocket (he took, however, my check for his personal refund). But he did it with, - literally!, - cursing the money he returned!!!

That's Ukraine! And that's the everyday life context in which my is developed!
I thank the God that during working on the project there were not many electricity blackouts! The last one, for example, caused corrupting results of my week's work on the computer I was working with...

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