Friday, September 14, 2007

Million Dollar Air

About two years ago the famous MillionDollarHomepage was started.
On its last year's birthday I published my thoughts on the matter, -
Open Letter to Alex Tew. Please, don't think my intension was to hurt that guy. I repeat: Alex is a good boy! The problem was the world started calling him a genius, while the only thing he did was just picking a lucky ticket..
Then he dropped his school (a kind of it's a waste of time to study in any University if you are a Master already). It would be relatively easy to prove the success really depended on his outstanding abilities if he was the first who explained the MDHP phenomenon. Nope. The most serious analyses I heard were not from Alex. Moreover, his recent web project
Pixelotto is about a lottery. It seems, creator of MDHP believes only gambling can help to become a millionaire.
I hate to disappoint Alex, but Internet is full of still undiscovered revolutional niches worth a $MILLION each!
Within next weeks
I'm going to explore just one of them.
With attempt to EXPLAIN it!

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