Monday, October 01, 2007


The TIME-LOT.COM is a part of my newest "Mini-Billion" idea.
Its technical concept is simple: Sell out time-based redirections to sponsors' websites for only $1 per second! More.

In my 42, I desperately need the money to buy
FIRST IN MY LIFE car, home, and ... replacement for my first ever PC.
Read more here:
Actually, it's not for myself only: I want to give people example, the HOPE that such things are possible, - to earn an online $MILLION FAIR from within such poor countries as my Ukraine!

However, like the famous Million Dollar Homepage, this unbelievable life story has a chance for happy ending only if it's in the focus of mass media. I don't have the initial $1,000 the author of MDHP had. But - I do have a REAL SENSATION for them!
Today I'm sending out my press releases with the question:

"Can poor Ukrainian earn a $million fair, - without
BILLION(!) DOLLAR corporation

Hopefully, I can.
We will talk about it at a later time...

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