Friday, January 07, 2011

Xmas 2011

Today, January 7, is Christmas in my country!
In addition, it's my BIRTHDAY!
My congratulations to all of us!

My beloved woman made me an excellent gift:
A new Nokia 5250 mobile. Comparing to my previous mobile, - it's a 9 years' old Siemens, which out of phone market for recent years anyway, and which I used up to the moment (see its picture on the left), - the new one is a really excellent piece of art. Actually, it's a touch phone. What is more, - it's a touch smartphone. With a real operating system. On other words, - it's a kind of COMPUTER!
By the way, according to specifications, that Nokia phone outperforms my 12th years' old personal desktop, - my first, and the only(!) personal computer I was ever could afford in my life: With only 6G of hard disk (the Nokia can have up to 16G), and Pentium 400 MHz (vs . ARM 434 MHz processor in Nokia). Anyway, more memory and CPU power.

From now all my future web projects, - including those that are to be competing with Infospace, Inc., - will be MOBILE-OPTIMIZED! At last!!! Now I'm capable to design and test my Web ideas on mobile platform properly.

Happy Christmas!

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