Friday, December 15, 2006

it's coming!!!

Technically, creating a new Billion Dollar technology is not difficult.
But it should be BETTER than Alex's projects.

Let's take the concept improving to another level, - CONTENT.
In fact, milliondollarhomepages themselves have no SEO or long term value. They post ads from different niches, while having no 'topic', - and content!,- on their own. Was it novelty value only?

We all should recall some forgotten truths:
Traffic itself means nothing! Real foundation of Internet are sites with original and quality content!

I would focus on creating a more educational project.The one where image ads are replaced with INFORMATION ads.

In my understanding, nowadays it's not enough to say people your site exists. More interesting is what new information on your site exists.

Collections of news links tend to be incredibly popular! Especially with customization elements. Example: Findory Inc. (Seattle, Washington).
Unfortunately, such sites are unable to read all the news. So, why not to leave forming the link content to news originators? E.g., by letting them publish in iframe windows of our browsers the content they want.
Updateable, categorized Live News!

Now, we need to be famous!

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