Tuesday, December 19, 2006


During last ten days no new line of code was added to my Next Big Thing! The time was spent mostly for its Copyright protection.

To protect interests of my future partners who join the Mini-News project, I've made several important steps. One of them is submitting my work to the US Copyright Office in Washington D.C.

If I live in Washington, I would just walk down the street and drop off my papers, together with their 2-page form and a check for $30 issued by any American bank (credit cards not accepted).
If I live in the UK, I would go to the nearest post office, and mail all the above, but with a $30 check issued by any UK bank.
But I live in Ukraine, and this means my bank checks simply are NOT accepted by the US Copyright Office!

So I needed to email my work to an intermediate US-based company whose the only business is to print out incoming papers, put them in envelope, and drop in the Copyright Office's mail box. They charged me for this $142(!), - only $30 of which was the Copyright Office fee.
But despite their guarantee they do this simple job within 48 hrs maximum, - I made my submission in the middle of last week, - up to yesterday(!) they did very little..
Only today I got confirmation from FedEx (tracking # 798566813361) that their letter was delivered to the Copyright Office.

As you see, it wasn's completely under my control, but I just could NOT skip this important stage! Tomorrow I'm officially launching the final version of Mini-News.com.
Please be patient you too.

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