Friday, December 01, 2006

mini pictures

My Idea:
Replicate success of the famous Million Dollar Homepage's Pixel Ads with my own invention, - IFRAME Ads!

Start of this project is described in my previous blog
"Billion Dollar Website in 5 Days":
If you read that blog, you have an idea about the life context in which I'm doing this project. To put it mildly, the conditions around are far from being creative. During last five days since I wrote my last post, I was fighting with my depression mood because of that, hesitating whether to continue the whole thing or not.

And you know what was a decisive turning push? Discovering the beautiful collection of paintings by local artist Yevgenia Gapchinska. Some space for the bits of sunny and sincere Mini World Of Childhood she creates in her pictures is always reserved in our souls. Despite everything.

It appeared that her recent exhibition is located just in an empty apartment, in the street I'm walking through almost every day. A cute funny plate on the entry door leaves no doubt the Gapchinska Happinness Lives Here!
The very first words painted on the wall informed me about the news I wanted to hear most:
It's pity we often tend to forget this simple truth. During all the time of being in this gallery, I was the only its visitor. Although the press has placed Gapchinska in the list of the Ten Most Successful Women in Ukraine, I learned about her existence only now, from today's TimeOut magazine.

So, what is success in Ukraine?
According to the mini pictures, the simplest way to be happy is to have a ton of chocolate :) Imagine the world of unlimited chocolate and fancy cakes. The girl that opened me the door said that could be a main id for Gapchinska works. The mini cakes are almost everywhere!

Only hours later I found on the Internet an interview with Gapchinska where she says this motif comes from the times she really was hungry. When she simply wanted to eat... Wanted painfully. But often could not afford it.
Well, it may be the Gapchinska's pictures have very little with a real life. Although her recent online auction bid was $700 per picture, she thinks that her current popularity is a kind of miracle. What strikes me, she WANTS to BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!
Sometimes, however, it's the ONLY Way To Make Your Best Wishes True...
Here is the pictures she loves most:
"It's easier to forget a hundred kisses than only one"
* The photos are from Gapchinska website

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