Sunday, December 03, 2006

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I just learned first details of Alex's Next Big Thing. In search of some "big, really big" examples, as well as to have a balanced "rich-poor" view, for beginning I decided to ... visit the New Space exchibition in the Pinchuk Art Centre.

For those who don't know, it's one of the biggest in the Eastern Europe centre for contemporary art, founded by and named after one of the richest man in Ukraine, billionaire Viktor Pinchuk.
This businessman owns a tabloid newspaper, four television channels, and a steel company, although is better known as a son-in-law of former President of Ukraine L. Kuchma.

The recent creative project of Pinchuk is very ambitious, and defenetely NOT CHEAP! Located in the middle of expensive Kiev downtown, the three storey centre has 2500 sq m of floor space, just above the Bentley cars showroom on the first floor. Security, granite floors installed by a French architect, and a bar on the centre's sixth floor.
"I do this," says Pinchuk, "for the sake of the new country. It is a brand-making thing for us, here in the middle of nowhere."

You might ask me how all the above relates to the new Alex's
Well, obviously I'm not an art expert. I'm just trying to find some fresh ideas and inspiration for my future web development. Today it's my first visit to such a big con collection in one place.
To my humble opinion, at least one work in the centre is worth of your attention: the giant painting "Art or (M)art?" by Navin Rawanchaikul of XXL size, - nearly 10 by 10 METERS(!). It shows portraits of all the most significant artistic personas of the 20th century, in one picture:
To tell you the truth, what really impressed me was the sum of the money invested in this, without any doubt interesting project.

Millionaires and their art
Alex is about to launch his "big, really big" thing. He already has enough money to eat what he wants, to live where he wants, and to drive a car he wants.

So this time, his brilliant idea is to give away a check for one million dollars.
Wow! What a guy!
He only asks us to support his fantastical generosity and ... give him two million dollars right now! He needs the money badly to pay himself for renting some virtual space on his own website.

Who said we live in the world of open competition?
The web abounds with copycats, and even predecessors, of his previous project. Many of them offer almost the same service for lower prices, - even for FREE!

I would be glad to donate a small part of the financial fortune for charity too. Who wouldn't? But it's not about digits.

Recalling his super expensive media promotion, - a main driving force behind Alex's success! - for which he paid $0, no wonder in his next project Alex is not going to pay anything from his own pocket!

Meanwhile, today's main problem for me is to find some money for paying my apartment bills for this month..

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