Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today Alex Tew has launched his new pixelotto.com project!
At last!
See my first coverage of the *pixelotto* news
in my original format:

My first impression, pixelotto is a Big Disappointment!
In many senses. I expected more from Alex. Some really new concept, technology, or PR move.
We all expected more..

At the same time, I have no doubth the project will work!
Actually, it is successfully working already!
Just because of the Alex's name behind it.

I just opened the BBC website, and what do you think? The Pixelotto is already there!
Here is a fragment of my comment I immediately sent to BBC about that article:

Fool us again, please
"How Alex could create his MDH for just 20 minutes, if his next, - practically identical!, - project took almost a year, and included hiring at least one professional programmer?
How the idea "Give me MILLIONS, and i will give somebody a HALF of that" could get such a storm of sympathy? Does his 100% free-to-entry game cover a cost of internet connection, - and your personal TIME? Do you prefer clicking to jogging? By the way, how often you personally win big jackpots?
Fooling sponsors with tons of useless traffic that never converts is a separate topic."
Up to now, BBC has not published my comment.
But can you tell me how I can compete with Alex, if even that particular BBC review appeared online BEFORE Alex officially launched his pixelotto.com!!!

Nevertheless, I sincerely wish Alex success.
I just worry about Internet users.

I heard the press announced last year the Year Of Spamming. Well, chances are the next one can become the
Year Of Clicking!

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Edmond said...

Yep, these advertisers are really getting clicked. Pay twice as much for spam. I think you can by hits for about a nickel each. I know I have clicked around the site and was finished before 1 page loaded.