Sunday, December 24, 2006


Yesterday Amanda Congdon from ABC News wrote in her super popular blog:
Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” Is Us (not YOU).
At the same day I sent her my comment:

Amanda, to become "Person of the Year" YOU need to live in rich US (or UK)!!!
Look at the last year's one, - Brit. student who set up a simple Million Dollar Homepage. Would he earn the million on supposingly open Internet from my Ukraine? Absolutely not! And it has nothing to do with creativity. Unlike that boy I'm a honor graduate from the UK University. But while during last weeks he easily earned $300,000 on his old, last year's idea, right now I'm spending my LAST money trying in a cheap Internet cafe to launch much BETTER, BILLION Dollar information project ...

The message wasn't published, so I'm sending her another one:
Amanda, as you rejected the comment I made to your post yesterday, you might ignore what I'm saying today:

All my life I've tried to create revolutional software, but without US passport there are almost zero chances for becoming YOUR Time's Person of the Year! You, rich countries' insiders, prefer not to know that people like me need apply MILLION(!) times more efforts just to ENTER your media revolution space.
Right now I'm desperately trying to launch an original Billion Dollar web project with $0 in my pockects, -- on my first and the ONLY personal computer I ever could afford in my life!
And despite what you said, - "the cover of Time should only be bestowed upon those who have actively created something - anything - online this year" - I am not allowed even to YOUR blog community...

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