Wednesday, January 17, 2007

always say "always"

First auction ended with no biddings. Well, although the minimal $100 i asked would be critically important for paying my bills for December, it's hard to say i did not win. Rather, YOU did not win!
It may be I found no right words to make this clear: sells media and other serious content providers iFrame spots for the price of $10,000. The auction was an exception, - I was attempting to give an affordable chance, - the shockingly low price of $0.01 per pixel, - to any website! Including YOUR website!

The offer was also unique in the sense it offered one of the BEST available positions on my site, best highlighting in my future articles, - because it's the really FIRST iFrame Ad spot!
It may be I couldn't contact as many people as I wanted (by the way, the first one was Alex Tew), and couldn't communicate with them in the way I wanted, - often it was difficult just to have a reliable Internet connection!
Just believe me, - I did EVERYTHING that was possible in my situation! continues selling its Iframe space,
while the spot No. 1 is reserved for a future auction.

Just one thing is for sure, - I will never start my next auction with such a low price.

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