Thursday, January 18, 2007

FuelMyBlog became a pleasant discovery of the week. This is a creative version of the Million Dollar Homepage theme, focused on blogs promotion. First launched on December 23, - three days after my, - its press release of January 3 described the venture as a paid service (roughly a half dollar per pixel). Several days later, however, it became absolutely FREE!

The attractive price of $0 seems was the main reason for the super fastly growing popularity of this REALLY VERY GOOD SERVICE!
I signed up with this blog yesterday, and would be glad to share my first impressions.

First, the process of ordering is a snap! Very simple, it took only a minute or two, - YOU should go for it with your blog too! Right NOW, while the space is not too croweded.

Kevin Dixie, creator of FuelMyBlog, wants to create a colorful Great Wall of Blogs! More precisely, there are four pages, each with 625 blocks of the size 40x40 pixels.

Financial side of the project is less understandable. The initial motivation to keep it as a hobby, - for me, it would be simply impossible to maintain it for free!, - smoothly moves towards perspective to find rich ads sponsors.

Well, it may have a sense. I heard TechCrunch charges $10,000 a month for a 125x125 ad. However, - attention, this is important!, - FuelMyBlog has some internal design disadvantages, which can become evident only at later stages.

1) Size of
Index page, currently filled only in a half, - is over 5.5Mb already!
And loads several minutes. It's because it uses a great number of images.
Just try to be realistic, what do you think is a webpage with 625(!) images, "up to 500 KB" each!
Have you ever tried to download a 300 MB into your browser?

The same issues were typical for original projects of Alex Tew. His Milion Dollar Homepage of 1.6Mb, for example, crashed my PC several times.

For comparison, my page page is under 300Kb.That's because I use compact HTML text, rather than images.

2) In general, what is a value of the ad placed on the page with 625 other ads?
Surely there will be many first time visitors. But will they go to the constant collection of links year after year?

For comparison, shows LIVE news!

3) The 40x40 is not suitable for reading!
What all visitors are actually doing is expanding the size to a more readable format. To see, in fact, one additional sentence.

For comparison, shows its 100x100 iframe pages in full from the beginning.

What can be a Million Dollar Homepage without the Million?
Once again, I like the FuelMyBlog service. But I would simply could not afford it if it's not free.
I don't know about France, but life in poor countries has almost no space for running business for free!
It's interesting what would Bill Gates say if i advice him to give away his Windows soft? would be the best in Alexa!

Anyway, the is a bright rising star, great FUN to use.


Anonymous said...

Hi Serigy,

Thanks for adding you comments to my blog. I've passed them on to Kevin at fuelmyblog so don't be surprised if he visits you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Serigy,

I did respond to you when you left your comments on my own blog. I suspect I should address them here seeing as I am guessing your comments are on every blog advertised? (Good work!)

I thank you for the review. Quite detailed and as they say, "there is no such thing as bad press".

I read every blog on my site. A lot questions I read are why it is free and why it is a slow milliondollar page. I will address those two points now.

Firstly, it is free because ultimately, why charge for a service that a lot of people can use and enjoy the social aspect of? There are many big businesses that are happy to sponsor and advertise on sites that are getting over 60,000 hits per day. I have turned down advertisers so far as I want to retain total control of my site, ultimately I will need to get revenue from advertisers or sponsors, but not until I believe the site is right.

And finally, it looks like it does because it was an experiment. If I get money in from sources I am in discussion with, I wil revamp the look of the site, speed it up and keep it free.

I hope this answers the questions asked and good luck with your project - I hope you get the Mini Billion you are after.


BurnedBeyondRecognition said...

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