Thursday, January 25, 2007

MyBlogLog + Mini-News

This morning I came up with idea to make the experiment, - to offer some of my iFrame space for FREE!

Not because I was impressed by the fast growing popularity of Guys, your site is great indeed! But it's not about my preferences for your French-English free fun, - I simply CANNOT AFFORD launching websites as a hobby!

The reason is the following.
From very first steps, i focused my web project mostly on the needs of big media businesses. is about offering them a unique life STORY, plus(!) unique technology for THEIR promotion.
What is more, i proposed THEM a way to earn a BILLION!

By the way, those of you who told me I would never earn a billion simply had NOT READ my website: Unlike Alex Tew who wanted a million for himself, aim of has been to assist in earning the billion for participating sponsors. It means, potentially for YOU!

It's amazing, I spent my LAST money for lauching my website and initial promotion. That even included contacting a HUNDRED of the most famous names in the industry. All what I actually asked them was "Please earn YOUR BILLION!"
Up to the moment I've got a lot of messages from "ordinary" people, private persons like you or me, - but NONE from the media!

It's not that I'm deeply hurt by their silence, it looks like I simply
do NOT EXIST for them!

Practically each of them has website with PR8 or higher, but they haven't mentioned my story. I think it's partly a reaction to the lie in Alex's projects, - now people do NOT BELIEVE EVEN IN TRUTH!
In my case, EVERY WORD of my life story is true, but who cares?

Practically each of them is able to buy the whole my project, - many times! But hasn't bought even one iframe spot yet. Even for the fraction of its cost (see auction).

Meanwhile, projects like Million Dollar Homepage simply do not work without media! The more they write about it, the more popular it becomes. And in my case - the more money they can earn! But once again, who cares?

First time in my life I hasn't paid a rent for my housing for previous month (see why here). But even if I die of hunger, i doubt it would make a difference...

At the same time, there are successful web projects who were lucky to get noticed. For example, the American startup, just weeks ago purchased by Yahoo (according to Forbes, - for $10M). Their idea implements the fair principle:
the more you read others, the more they read you!

With MyBlogLog i SEE the COMMUNITY that reads me!
I know it's only illusion, but a really nice one!

Hopefully, my new Billboard Of News
- exclusively from community, -
would be interesting!
You are welcome to be on my website!
Please visit the starting page at

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Adam said...

They may not see, but "endeavor to persevere" and I am sure they will...Love your a great idea.