Thursday, February 15, 2007


About 10 days since I launched "Wall Of Face Ads".
In a social sense, it was like 10 years!

The concept began as my response for projects of the Million Dollar Homepage family. In particular, the 2000 Bloggers and FuelMyBlog.

Their problem #1 is a huge website size!
Use it, IF YOU CAN!
Speaking of 2,000 Bloggers, I have a feeling Tino started his site because of some lack of knowledge. He didn't know limits of the current state of technology. For example, what it takes for users to load a multi MB webpage.
He actually DID NOT CARE!!!
I wonder why he didn't launch a "MILLION bloggers!" :)

I don't know about you, but I spent several HOURS(!) only to get on his sign-in blog - at that time it has only 700 entries. And it cost me my week's(!) norm of Internet traffic.

Some analysts predict that this year Internet can collapse because of overloading. Well, with such sites as 2000 bloggers it looks quite possible.

Here I must say: I respect what Tino has done.
According to what I read about him , he IS A NICE GUY! And seems started it just for fun!

My version of the same theme is, hopefully, more manageble.
First MyBlogLog-News contained space for only 100 pictures. The final version even allows visitors to control number of loaded photos.

My initial idea was to invent a simple but cute form for recording what I read online.
A kind of MyReadLog!
Crowd of small faces saying "Hey, this is my news!" looks cool.

What is more, I've made another move: allowed distributing small pieces of my website to other websites, - in the form of WIDGET.
Web widgets are mini-programs designed to be run inside mini-windows on your site.

Yesterday I left a comment in the famous Newsweek's article
"The Year of the Widget" :

"Any widget technology by itself is not going to be a king for users. Underlying content is.
I've just created a SIMPLEST widget called MyBlogLog-News. It supports a free service of my personal website exclusively for Mybloglog users, -
My widget consists of only several lines of HTML code. It could be written even seven years ago! But appeared only after startup of another revolutional media project, - MyBlogLog (started in 2006). What I did was a simple next logical step. Ten days ago I've launched a new information service based on their open photo database of users, - the constantly rotating "Wall Of Face Ads".

So, I wrote a simple homepage and started making my records.
I can understand your possible irony: "Once upon a time, on the Web space at last appeared FIRST READER!".
Advantage of a human reader is that his or her output is not a set of random links. Nor result of manipulating with votes. Disadvantage - it's always subjective.
Obviously, the ads are what striked me most on a particulat day, - my PERSONAL VIEW!
So what? Everything in this world has a touch of personality, - from technology to love.
But before asking "Why to the hell I need to know what a guy from distant Ukraine was reading today?", please take into account the following:

The Face Ads I publish are a form of free exposing for YOUR content, - on my site AND on all the sites that installed my widget (advantages for using widgets are described at The more often you are selected, the more attention your site gets! And the wider and more popular this network becomes, the more advantages are for being a part of it.

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