Tuesday, February 20, 2007

100 First Face Ads

When Million Dollar Homepage stuffed all available space with Pixel Ads, it was announced successfuly ended. Today all available space of my MyBlogLog-News.Mini-News.com has became filled up with your Face Ads. But the project is only beginning!

It's not really important I limited the space with only 100 Face Ads. Resulting collection represents rotating pool of ads, as every(!) day I update it.
It may be arguable whether any particular news is good or bad. Like everything in this life, importance of every news item is constantly changing in time.
The resulting "Wall", as the whole, demonstrates transition of Quantity into Qualuty: Picture of 100 faces with 100 interesting news is attractive view by itself.

Another important point, my MyBlogLog.Mini-News.com is not the only place where people can find its Face Ads. It's not even the main place!
Preferred way of informing web users about updates in the "Wall Of Face Ads" is to export it's small part, - 4-10 fast loading ads, - to other websites as WIDGETs. Today's newest version is the "RANDOM" one.

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