Saturday, February 10, 2007

news scale

The first UPDATE of design!

In fact, all I did was adding a small switcher. But the JavaScript code behind it is rather advanced, as it controls "scale" of webpage.

The idea was to allow visitors choosing how much news they want to see on entering the page. The option is 10-100 Face Ads. Default is 30.

Thus, those of you with a poor Internet connection who complained that 100 images load slow, now are able to "scale-down" my website and load only a part of it. It will work FASTER!

Your recent scale settings are saved automatically in your browser with cookies. So, next time you visit my site, it will be shown accordingly.

Thus the whole MyBlogLog-News project has became scaleable!
The information can be scaled down with the switch. Or by exporting to other websites in the form of tiny widgets.
The scaled up version can be found in my MyBlogLog-News community message board, - in the form of a list of all news tips, - controlled by

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