Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day!

Guess who said "In a human being, everything must be perfect: FACE, clothes, thoughts, ...". Clue: it was said long before I launched my web project - more than hundred years ago.

Well, I don’t mind watching good celebrity up-skirt paparazzi pictures. But my project is different. The MyBlogLog-News gallery is my personal highlighting faces of people linked with what interesting they said on the Web at a particular point of time.

Today my news gallery consists exclusively of beautiful women's Face Ads. It's not to say the rest women in the world are not beautiful. But this is the BEST what I read today, February 14:

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Unlike the constantly updating "Wall Of Face Ads", these ads will stay in this blog permanently, promoting content of their authors for a long time.

My friends, my community, my Web,
Sergiy Beloy


NikNik said...

Wow! I'm flattered that you would include my picture with the likes of Britney and Paris! Thanks for the sweet Valentine!

Thea said...

How amazing and very kind.
Thank you for that buzz in my day.
Namaste, Thea