Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lucky 3$M

Did I mention I contacted ZED when they considered a possibility for the $billion deal with Infospace?
It's not about cursing. Infospace should become unlucky since they practically destroyed my online business and forced me to spend all my LIFE SAVINGS for dealing with their lawyers!

Nevertheless, Infospace lived pretty well all those years.
In 2007, it pays a special one-time cash dividend of about $200 million!!! After that, sells its directory business for $225 million, mobile business for $135 million, etc. Revenue for the third quarter is about $50 million. Cash as of September 30, 2007 totaled $214.8 million (in March it was $412.9 million). "At the end of the quarter, the Company had no debt obligations", - boast Infospace CEOs. They really believe they have no debt obligations.

Feeling lucky? Don't! It's not for long.
Unlucky corporation practices improving its luck by making somebody unluckier?!! My guess is that they look good only against the background of poor Ukrainians' way of life. But comparing to really talented market players, - Infospace is a complete failure!

To prove this, I even agree to suspend my Internet software development, and make a kind of research on elusive luck factor. The focus will be on proving,
- Infospace is unlucky!
Then publish the eBook "Unlucky Infospace".
In my situation, it's the only real way of earning decent money fair!

This is beginning for my revolutional online experiment
- The Lucky $Millions!

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