Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Unlucky Infospace

Thought is the starting point

You wanna know everything about luck? That's easy.
Enter into Google the word "luck", and obtain an inclusive space for creative reading - 150,000,000 entries.
Now try the same with Infospace's
The difference is very symbolic:
Infospace has only 58 answers..

Infospace, Inc. is unlucky?
It wasn't long ago when InfoSpace's President boasted they would become a TRILLION-dollar company. And at that time, it was worth $16 billion.
Today, PetroChina became the world's first company worth more than $1 trillion.

If this comforts Infospace, some analysts say the PetroChina's share price stems from speculation and is too high. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s recently sold off all its 2.3 billion PetroChina shares. In a plain English, - it's looks like an investing bubble.
Sounds familiar to Infospace?

Or may be that is a fair business indeed? Similar to the "fair competition" concept, which Infospace's lawyers creatively applied to me.. Oh, sorry, we will talk about it later.

At the time when Microsoft announced its plans to gobble up Seattle's aQuantive for $6 billion, Infospace was evaluated in a "humiliating" billion.
Moreover, we all want to believe it wasn't another dirty Infospace's trick: the rumors about possible purchasing InfoSpace by Spanish LaNetro Zed appeared 2 days before InfoSpace's Annual Stockholders Meeting! Happy coincidence! In result, InfoSpace's shares immediately, - what a luck!, - surged 13 percent up.
It was in May. But up to now ... nobody bought the Infospace!

By the way: I just recalled how 2 days before one of the previous Infospace's Annual Stockholders Meeting, when I informed Infospace CEOs about my intention to publish my eBook about Infospace, titled "Beyond Law Space", some anonymous person unexpectedly offered me several $MILLIONS.
Then, - exactly after ending the meeting, - the person mysteriously disappeared...
I definitely should write a special book, - "Total Recall".

Where Infospace's Unluck originates from?
From unprecedented court cases against its own founder?!!
Or from the point the highest Infospace's position was passed into the hands of current CEO? I wonder, do you know what happened with his previous company?

I'm also going to raise (and discuss on various forums) the question: Who is really interested in buying an UNLUCKY company?
For example, talk about that with LaNetro Zed.

World Wide Web, Attention:
Expect Infospace To Be Unlucky!

Just one fact: Despite all the $millions invested, Infospace has failed to become a search engine #1.

Unlucky Infospace Investors,
Unlucky Infospace Ads,
unlucky users who use the

(i currently don't know about the search results)

Unluck is like infectious disease, - it may affect the life of people who are around.
Of course, it's up to investors - to decide whether to invest into Infospace or not. And it's up to Infospace partners - whether to be A PART OF UNLUCKY BUSINESS or not!

My mission would be just informing them properly.
The best of all, - it's ABSOLUTELY LAWFUL!

And if something tragic happens with my life, - the unluck will not disappear, - it will move directly to InfoSpace!

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