Sunday, August 02, 2009

My FREE donation to Infospace!

On August 1st, I registered the domain name! I wasn't going to use it: It's my FREE gift to Infospace, Inc.

I think that company desperately needs such a name, as it clearly reflects a model of their business. My previous article "Truth about" reveals what is wrong about the model.

Speaking about domains, my first thought was to register the (by the way, this name is still available for real Infospace's fans :) But then I decided the words "charity for poor" would be more appropriate when donating something to a half of $BILLION giant called Infospace, Inc.

Let me tell you some interesting facts:

I live in a poor country, and in my 44 years I've NEVER had my own CAR or HOME!
In fact, I practically have NO PERSONAL COMPUTER!
Because simple never could afford it ...

But the point is: When three days ago I spent my LAST(!) money for purchasing a domain name for Infospace, - it's a CHARITY!

And when the rich American Infospace, Inc., a half of $BILLION giant ($39.1 million revenues for the first quarter only), boasts with raising a donation of $200,000 for the whole year; and then begs people to help its business growing, with promising to pay for that a half of the added profit,

So, Infospace, you are fully qualified for obtaining my FREE gift, and switching your Internet presence solely to the

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