Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Today I'm launching "Web-in-Web"
- final version of the
first iframe-based website:
Welcome to the

It doesn't look as the world's event of the year, - no fanfares, champagne, fireworks.. Rather, highlighting the fact of my being.

Of course, I wrote a press-release. However, as all i can afford are FREE web services, - e.g.,, - it will be published within several days only ...

Unlike the very first Mini-News version, the final one is written in JavaScript. Because of that its mini-Web files are smaller (less than 10 Kb), and the whole website is under 200 Kb.

promotion novelty
A copy of my open letter to the news businesses can be found on the press page.

Alex got his million from homepage owners. But the real driving force behind his success was mass media. Media is power. It's capable to promote any interesting idea to new heights. It actually made the Million Dollar Homepage.

There are many ways for how to attract attention of media. But the most amazing one is to ... SELL IT TO MEDIA, DIRECTLY!

Well, with a zero promotion budget it looks impossible. Nevertheless, there is a chance. It can be done if we turn the technical ideas into media project from the beginning! To create incentives to write about it, to earn on it, to buy it.

Yes, it's introduction of a new technology. But the LIFE story, a real person behind it is its the most important integral part. The whole project is a kind of the fantastic "From $0 to 10$M" internet challenge, and now I'm selling it to media!

Actually, I have a little choice.
While Brit. students may be quite happy with limiting their targets by 1 or 2 million, i've got to really "think bigger", setting my imagination free. This is how the was born.

Value of any Pixel Ad project, - but without Alex! - is 1 million times less than!
The allows sponsors to promote their iframe copycat(!) projects on almost UNLIMITED space at subdomain of their choice, e.g.,

While Alex wishes to make several millionaires per year just by permitting them to WIN, I would show people how they can EARN! More.

Once again, I wish Alex success!
I'm not a competitor to his pixelotto!
There may be people who adore a process of clicking..
In contrast, Mini-News is created for those who likes READING!

Happy birthday,

P.S.Another night spent in Internet Cafe.
$Million ... $Billion ...
The only thing I want most right now is to have couple hours to sleep!

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