Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lucky Space

What makes this text so special?
- The newest way to earn millions!

"Everything in life is luck"
(Donald Trump)

Today, November 7, 2007 is the turning point.
And it's not because today is the 90 years' anniversary since a super state called the USSR was born.

Today I decided to test my newest idea.
The secret of becoming lucky is surprisingly simple:
Always Turn Bad Luck Into Good One!

That's what I'm doing right now -
Transforming bad luck into the good one.

I used to be very naive, like American Indians who were trying to make business by selling what they had for its face value.
This time it's different. I'm going to sell just the simple words, - but for the minimal price of $3 MILLION!

How? Easy!
I will simply ask Infospace, Inc. to write me a check for 3$ million! If they are smart, they will pay the money immediately.

Otherwise, I'm going to deeply explore just one topic, -

Believe me, the 3$M is a fair price for exclusive rights for all my works, including my future eBook "Unlucky Infospace".

What a lucky idea!
This may be the luckiest three millions!

All I need is to start writing a lucky book, - about unlucky Infospace! Research, or even dissertation: The case study will be "Bad luck of Infospace".
The idea is a fine piece of luck indeed.
The Luck Factor: The Scientific Study of Unlucky Infospace.

The point is, my unluck will be finally returned to where it came from, - to Infospace.

As for Infospace, it's only a matter of digits:
Will it be 3$M, or the price for existence of the whole corporation!
- If they prefer to disappear, they WILL DISAPPEAR!

My aim is to earn 3$M fair!
The sum is too small for a serious business, but big enough to change life for one person.
If the only real way for earning a fair million is to tell the truth that will destroy public image of a billion dollar IT giant, - actually, killing their web business! - so be it.

Just one Ukrainian programmer, who despite having a honor University degrees, in his 42 has never had a car or home, -- and who is typing THIS text by stiff with cold fingers on the ONLY PERSONAL COMPUTER HE EVER COULD AFFORD IN HIS LIFE!, - aims to beat a rich American IT corporation?

Because now I'm going to live in Lucky Space!
The space that is reversed from the unlucky one created for me by Infospace, Inc. Today I see the only solution, - to turn that unluck into my luck. Or return it to where it came from, - to Infospace.

From the lowest dead end point, there is simply no other choice. From now on, my destiny is going to turn only in one direction, - for the better!

What cannot be said about Infospace ...
Believe me, it's not the worst catastrophe when you are not sold for a BILLION dollars.

Or may be you think that without American passport people may not have this kind of money fair?!!

P.S. Still can't believe it's for real?
Then why do you think I'm applying for a 1$M loan to one of the richest businessman of Ukraine, - billionaire Victor Pinchuk?!!
(see more about it at

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cheechoong said...

so are unlucky or unlucky? Don't worry! You are smart and your dream will come true. Good luck is coming to the one who hava faith and passion on what they are doing...

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