Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Free AD

Just found a Super Big Giveaway, - Water Resistant Laptop!
Courtesy of the RuffPC.com - "rugged computer":

Click to see more RuffPC Laptop views!

The spec for this FREE laptop is absolutely fantastic: Intel Core Duo 1.73GHz processor, 512MB DDR RAM, 60GB Shock-mounted Hard Drive, CD-RW/DVD+RW, 14.1" TFT LCD, and a water resistant keyboard. Packed in a magnesium alloy casing (20-times-harder than a base plastic case!) to protect against vibration and drops. See more details here.

All you need to do is simply to write about it in your blog. Very generous!

Did I mention that the ONLY COMPUTER I EVER COULD AFFORD IN MY LIFE has been a 8 years' old Fujitsu desktop?!! The one I'm using right now to write these lines..
Like the proposed RuffPC, it had 3 years warranty (most producers can't guarantee more than one year of work).
But I simply couldn't afford to buy an "average" PC: At the moment of purchasing, my Fujitsu had the latest Pentium processor on the market, and was the smallest desktop in the world!

In result, it served me during last 8 years! Have you had only one computer during last 8 years?!
Mine allowed me to write a MSc. dissertation, learn advanced Internet technologies, and introduce interesting Web ideas. Even today, over ten my personal websites still remain online!

It's difficult even to imagine how the newest RuffPC Laptop can boost my activity, and shift the boundaries of what is possible!
Probably I should start from extending some of my ideas into the famous "Second Life" reality!
(Current hardware in my "first" life simply does not allow me to enter that virtual space).

But ... Harsh environment the RuffPC is built for, - it's not only a risk to spill coffee on a keyboard. Awarding me that Giveaway Laptop means I will need to pay customs duty and/or taxes, - in amount that exceeds cost of several new desktops in local Ukrainian shops! However, I currently can't buy there even the cheapest computer..
Therefore, they should NOT SEND ME THAT LAPTOP!
I've got no cash to afford that FREE Giveaway!!!

Thus, living in a cold country that has average month salary of several hundred dollars, and appreciating the sincere intentions of the successful business in sunny California,
I'm making them a generous present,

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Sergеy Beloy said...

On December 14, 2007, I wrote to developers of TheThinkingBlog.com:

I wrote my blog many days ago! But simply couldn't leave a message in your blog:
Since some moment (maybe after adding to it too many comments) your page is practically unreadable on low-powered computers! I've been tried many-many times. But the page http://www.thethinkingblog.com/2007/11/real-giveaway-real-prize-ruffbook-water.html loads incredibly slow, and usually stucks...
Probably, you should use a simpler HTML code.
Surely, it will work fine if I open it from your RuffPC Laptop!

:) :) :)

At a later time I added:

This time I see your website (because currently the number of comments is small, I guess). But cannot send to you any message! When I'm trying to send a comment from the page http://www.thethinkingblog.com/2007/12/poll-vote-for-best-ruff-pc-review.html , your website produces the following text:
"There has been a connection error. The connection has timed out."

I've been also tried to do that from the best Internet cafes in the center of Kiev (capital of Ukraine), - but with the same result ...
In fact, I learned about existence of the above-mentioned page from your info sent to MyBlogLog users, rather then from your website.

Please, publish on my behalf the following message on http://www.thethinkingblog.com/2007/12/poll-vote-for-best-ruff-pc-review.html . For me, this is ABSOLUTELY NO OPPORTUNITY to publish it there! And without this notice, my chances become even LESS than zero.. (I seriously doubt every your visitor opens ALL addresses on your list). And of course, my friends are unabled to write a word in your blog too ...

*** MY GIFT TO RuffPC! ***

My way of advertising the RuffPC:
http://Mini-Billion.blogspot.com (#64)
Why it's the BEST:

1. Location
(a) on the web: My one-year's content is packed into one-page blog. Thus, entering "Mini-Billion.blogspot.com" always shows the RuffPC ad on its FIRST page!
(b) on the page: The RuffPC ad is between my articles on how to earn 3$M, and how to earn 10 MILLION Dollars!
There are more than enough reasons to believe that my blog is going to be a SUPER HIT! And more than likely, your ad will be there for YEARS!

2. Personal Context
I wrote my blog on a 8 years' old PC, - the ONLY COMPUTER I EVER COULD AFFORD IN MY LIFE!
It would be great, if on my 43 birthday (it will be in two weeks, on January 7) I get a new one!

3. Gift for RuffPC
Awarding me your Giveaway Laptop will demand from me paying customs duty in amount that exceeds cost of several new desktops in local shops - even ONE of which I cannot buy anyway!
Therefore, you should NOT SEND ME YOUR LAPTOP!
I've got no cash to afford your FREE Giveaway!

Thus, living in a country that has average month salary of several hundred dollars, and appreciating the sincere generosity of the successful California-based business,
I'm making you the better present,

(or http://mini-billion.blogspot.com/2007/12/free-ad.html)


The above message never appeared on TheThinkingBlog.com