Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Deal Of 2007

"The Luck Of Infospace" on Sale

Earn a HALF of it as Affiliate!

Yes! I'm selling the luck of InfoSpace, Inc., - a famous American IT corporation, market value of which exceeds $BILLION!

Luck is one of those intangible things that's almost impossible to sell. To be a "trendsetter", I simply need to set a precedent.
A kind of selling new land on the Moon:
First who claimed the ownership for the newest property, - got it!
In THIS case, I am the FIRST in the world to sell out "The Luck Of Infospace".

For beginning, I am proposing it as a whole thing. For example, to major search businesses: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc., - starting from INFOSPACE.
Initial price is only 10$M - exactly 1% of the sum of 1$B Infospace evaluates itself.
Do you think a share of luck should be less then 1% of business assets?

Nearly forgot:
Additional incentive for buyers is attaching to the package my EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS for describing the story, now and in the FUTURE, both in printed form and discussing it in media!

Practically, it should be done in a very SIMPLE form. For example, issuing a special certificate (even online), or signing a special contract - with exclusive transfer of all my rights.

Unless competitors of InfoSpace buy it, in the nearest future the LUCK OF INFOSPACE could be sold out "piece by piece", e.g., measured in percents.
Obvioulsy, if at a later time Infospace, Inc. decides to buy it back, it should cost more!
Just think for a second:
What is Infospace Without Luck?!!

Why I'm doing this? I have all reasons to believe that Infospace actually "stole" my luck, practically shutting down my web business. In fact, "wiped" me out of LIFE! For years! Even today, it does not take me seriously: I do NOT EXIST for Infospace as a human, - only as a part of their product!
Obviously, it's impossible to return those years. But I believe I have all rights to demand my luck back!


The proposed Sale of "The Luck Of Infospace" is not about weakening position of the leading company on the highly competetive search and mobile market. According to what I see, Infospace doesn't care about its public image. Let alone the luck..

Fortunately, the proposed luck is not a property of Infospace. Infospace's luck may not belong exclusively to Infospace! Rather, life shifts it from one entity to another.
Besides, Infospace has never claimed it wanted to possess such property.
What is more: Legally, there is no such business entity as "luck"!!!

But at this stage, I don't think that simply placing it on eBay would be effective.
The whole idea needs a really powerful Web-based PR campaign, - which I cannot afford (many thanks to Infospace).

Obviously, I would send a special offer to big businesses, investors, 100+ mass-media, etc. But I feel it's not enough. To succeed, this project must be a real SENSATION!
This is where you can help. And Today Is Your Lucky Day:

I'm going to spend up to 50% of the requested 10$M for promotion!
Call it Affiliationship Program. The main rule is simple:
If you arrange the final deal, there will be two equal checks,
- one for me, one for YOU!

Just one more word. Couple days ago I contacted CEO of a reputable mobile corporation in sunny California. I asked about his opinion about this idea. As he hasn't responded, I assume that most likely he thought I was crazy :-)
Indeed, for people in countries with "endless business opportunities", this idea may sound crazy. But for me, there is simply no option! I have to invent some crazy things!
For me, - it's the ONLY way to earn a million FAIR!

Still hesitate to be a part of it? Simply help me to promote this "crazy" idea, and got your REAL $MONEY!
I'm proposing to YOU a HALF of my share, - FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Contact Me Now!
Good Luck!


BillyWarhol said...

Rock On! Dude!!


Good Luck + Peace*

Susan Sonnen said...

You have got to be one of the most clever minds that I've run across here! :)
Merry Christmas!